As like researches are being made through laboratories, in the same way appropriate system and development could be possible through contemplated, researches in many fields of the nation. An imagination of proper traffic without Police and an efficient infrastructure without theft of tax could be possible. A morality of people and efficiency in all administrative departments can be created through the top level meditation of contemplation.

At present, Gujarat State is rapidly progress as well as administrative amendments also observed through the governmental system under the leadership of respected Chief Minister Narendrabhai Modi. We have created self-sufficiency in food & defense through the slogan of ‘JAY JAWAN .. JAY KISAN” floated by Late Lal Bahadur Shastri as well as Research & Development of Agriculture Department.

I wish to talk about solution of environment and self-sufficiency. The greenery & economy could be firm only if there would be dense trees that spread over 30% area of Gujarat. How to cultivate, nourish and preserve the trees? Let’s have contemplation over the same.

(1) So far the Defense Department is concerned, huge military force has been enrolled by allotting budget that similar to defense expense. In the same way, number of workers may be enrolled and disciplined system may be activated for the protection and preservation of trees. There is only 9% of land for jungle in the Gujarat State. The same situation prevails in every State except the States of East and North. The usage of uncultivated land, space of bank of rivers, cannels and public roads are necessary to increase the circumference of jungles. During the last 50-60 years, the desired success has not been achieved in this regard. Despite activation of able administration and allocation of work-force including budget, it will take much more time to achieve the desired result in view of present administrative situation. Therefore, a fine result could be achieved through the principle of economy production with the partnership of people and experts. There is individual economic interest clubbed with the cultivation of tree. Hence, a good result can be achieved. It is possible to create 16% of jungle in the /sate & 18% to 20% of jungle in India, if the same guidelines may follow by Government or private sector. The remaining loss of 10% to 14% may be fulfilled by production of agro tree farming.

(2) As a part of second solution, it is necessary to encourage farmers to grow long term tree farming compulsory in the 10% to 30% farming land of their own, so that nation may become self-reliant in timber in addition to greenery. And it is absolutely possible. There are more examples exist in India.

(3) As a part of third solution, the major area of Gujarat in cities, villages and road margins are occupied by human residency for the creation of greenery. As earlier mentioned, greenery can be created if the tree growing on war base and preservation of the same may take place through specific high concept ability by government and military budget. During the last 50-60 years, we could not achieve desired success in such human residency areas. If the spot of public roads, bunglows, society and common plot could be used for tree growing in joint partnership of people without additional burden on government treasury. And the same will earn large income on account of tree rotation. It the same thought and belief may create among all, the greenery may be created without additional financial burden upon government. This is very tipical ideology. This is alike a test of mentality to have such kind of contemplation. The said system cannot be comprehended at a stake.

How such kind of mentality – ideology could be created? What kind of roll of Government? TARU has a deep thought over the above issues. It is a matter of changing a national ideology – a mentality. After all, it will lead to the creation of greenery, national employment and self-sufficiency in national demand parallel with development. The firm development of the nation has also been attached with the same. A more can be written on the above three solutions as to which system will have to set up and what will be the legal infrastructure.

It is a humble effort to quote an example relating to other field. There are lots of problems and hardships in cities and villages in connection with toilet. The separate facility may provide to the people and by the people in their ownership house, office and factory’s toilet by displaying a board. As a result of which, a land for development of infrastructure government investment could be saved. An amount less than the proposed interest may be given to such owners so that needy may have income and exploitation may abolish. Just think over it.

The same features are clubbed with the creation of greenery. The self-enthusiasm may come through financial income, which may bring the result. There may be 2% to 5% negativity in any development system but the benefit of 95% to 97% of the people may not be ignored. During the days of my Himalaya Tracking, I have observed that thousands of trees were fallen down due to sliding of lands. And the same were destroyed due to ice and/or water. It will be a great work if such trees may bring for use by throwing the same into flowing river.

Development of Nation through increase of environment, protection of environment through Tree Farming “Let us understand National Responsibility & Bring Appropriate Contemplation” Environment basic remedy it’s solution fundamentally.

It is the universal fact that every man of the world damages an environment to survive. All the necessities of human life are harmful to environment. So, it is the question that how to bring balance?

Environment & Greenery, these two words are synonym of each other. The environment may be protected, if there is greenery. Where there is environment, there is greenery. The creation of greenery comes through trees. Therefore, trees are necessary for the nourishment of environment. Everybody is well aware & understand it, but it is a big question that how to create trees?

The triumph over environment could be achieved through greenery, if there would be more usage of wood in human life and if there would be more planning to cope with the demand for it. A malicious publicity has been spread out by foreigners or home-town, which has created negative mentality about tree & environment. And by doing so, it was their intention that the economy & development of India may suffocate. Thousands of fishes & animals are being used for the food of human-being. Is there any existence of kindness to all living beings? I just avoid its discussion. Tree & its wood is a natural asset of human life. Its usage is eternal since ancient time. Our country has become self-reliant at food segment through researches & production. Let’s start to cultivate trees through researches, which can produce wood within five years because it is not till late. As a result of which, nation as well as state will be covered with greenery within 15 years, foreign exchange will be saved, employment opportunities will be increased, nation will be self-reliant at wood segment. The programmes of tree-plantation are not necessary; just generate individual self-interest within them.

The tree-plantation programmes are not being arranged all over the world in comparison of India. Eventhough, the firmness of environment is prevailing over there. Inspite of our efforts to join people with environment through more advertisement, but the environment is a matter, which indirectly touches. Hence, a person who lives at 10th – 4th or 2nd floor in city or a person who lives in bungalow or a person who survives himself in rural area cannot come forward for tree cultivation only. Perhaps, there may be one or two person in millions with specific objective of tree-farming. The creation of greenery may not take place under the said situation.

Therefore, I clearly believe in to generate self-interest as well as economy interest among all for the creation of tree. We will have to explain them that what individual benefit they will have by growing tree. And it is essential to begin the same right from farmers.

The effort has been made through the media of ‘TARU’ to provide guidance scientifically & through video-films. There is no jungle in Kheda – Anand Districts, eventhough once can visualize & experience more greenery than jungle. An economy interest has been generated among the farmers of these areas. At present, there are 3.05 crore trees in the farms of these two districts. The farmers have at all not been cultivated or nourished these trees for the sake of environment, greenery or shades in their farms. It has been systematically adopted the long term tree farming for the supplementary income. And this is the very result of it. Just, visualize the result by executing prohibition to cut off tree & get closure of all wood-base industries of these areas for an experimental purpose only. As a result of which, it will take no time that the farms will be converted into grounds. This is the very process which is being undertaken for the self-interest only and it is nothing to do with environment.

We have been leaded into the wrong direction. Our mentality has been created improperly in respect of wood & to reduce the usage of wood. The Laws have been formed, which proved as the resistance to cut off tree. The boom rang everywhere as “Save Trees – Save Trees” showing excuse of environment. It is true to save the tree but it should be made a part of farming by production & cultivation of tree, encourage tree farming, make researches for the same, make the researches as to how it could produce more wood within short term.

There are more than 100 times of wood being used in America in comparison of India. The wood is being produced through tree growing by the farmers of America. Whatever the income that earned by the farmers of Kheda – Anand districts within 10 years, the same income is being earned by the farmer of America within 2-3 years. America is advanced by 3- to 40 years in research of tree. Such researches should be made by the Forest Department of Gujarat State. The Forest Department should think over it as to how to fulfill the demand of wood.

The rise of Environment is the rise of Nation.

The Protection of Environment through Tree Farming.