What is environment?

At present in human life, we are using plastic, steel, chemical etc., or the useless craze for Invention of alternative of wood, have imbalance Global-Warming. Therefore, we are feared about increase of Carbon in our Atmosphere.

So, TARU-NGO, brings to our notice, that an Environment and Greenery are synonym of each other. An Environment may be protected if there is Greenery. A creation of greenery comes through trees. Therefore trees necessary for the nourishment of environment.

So, now time has come, The Government is to join with TARU-NGO. Architects and Engineers also are going to join with TARU-NGO. Social Forestry System is to be devlop. Through the media of TARU-NGO in respect of awakening, advertising & publicity through Video-Film & public programs in every Village, Street & Farm.

Solution of terrible Global Warming

Much has been said and written for bad results on account of imbalance of Global Warning & Environment. With these two words, fear is created and spread in our minds. Increasing carbon in atmosphere is responsible for present human life method & industrialization. Present individual cannot accept its apparent solutions. We are also not clear or have wrong opinion about its solution. TARU clearly believes and claims that there is a solution for Global warning in present life style.

Let us try to understand. Only trees are having capacity to preserve terrible carbon from atmosphere. A major portion of carbon (average 47%) is consumed by trees for preparing timber. We have to arrange to collect carbon in form of wood and to grow more and more trees by cycling method. Every Country-State will have to fill in the stock in their godown with wood (carbon). Trees themselves are Refineries. The reality is that it is more important to collect carbon stock by growing more and more trees. Again a question will arise! in past for 50 to 60 years more efforts for increasing trees were made but on the whole, forests are decreased (see FSI). Then what to do? Which way increase trees?

One Sofa set with Steel, U’Foam etc. mixes average 300 kg. Carbon in atmosphere and the same we use wood with Eco-friendly materials to preserves 200 kg. Carbon. In total 500 kg. of carbon is saved from going into atmosphere. Thus every thing, if is done wood based, then because of accumulation of millions of tons of carbon & balance is created. Used in construction one ton of steel release 700Kg. carbon, one ton flooring tiles release 600kg.carbon, one ton coal release 500Kg. carbon, one ton cement release 450Kg. carbon, one ton concrete release 50 kg. carbon. Thus we mix millions of tons of carbon in atmosphere for earthly creation.

Instead of all such materials we should utilise (with present life style) millions tons of wood (carbon) stored in above stated things for human necessity. So, if carbon credit is tagged with wood income, then there will be complete commercialization in farmers for wood products. Thus people will come forward for producing hundred tons of wood with the help of tree farming. There will be automatic increase in wood without any programme of tree plantation, seminars, lectures, motivation etc. Industries will expand and employment will increase on large scale. TARU-NGO terms this as Green Economy.

Besides, instead of releasing thousand of tons of carbon in atmosphere, safety can be created for Global Warming by withdrawing millions of tons of carbon through trees by use of wood. To do away with Global Warming TARU’s Website www.taruindia.org needs to be read word to word, if you desire to keep out from Global Warming. TARU’s challenge “Let us make Nation self sufficient with wood” should be carried over. Present burning problem of Global Warming will be automatically solved and will be settled in between all present life style. We all will live with perfect peace and will contribute affection to whole world. We appeal to join in with NGO-TARU’s abhiyan.