The wood that produces through tree is the asset of the nation, which can be developed continuously. We can not make rotation into the minerals digging but we can sure increase the quantity of wood that produces through tree.

The wood of crores of rupee is being imported from foreign countries. Why? The answer is already there (ready-reckoner). It is necessary an execution of self-interest into tree. A loyalty & national sentiment are also necessary.

The programmes of 57th Forest Festival are being organised everywhere. Oh.. It is heard that Surat District is going to break Limca Guinness Record by cultivating five lacs tree!

An awakening is required instead of forest festivals. The cultivation at farm’s border, partition & channels of those trees are required which can produce the wood. An environment will automatically increase if the same will be preserved. Though, the trees are not to preserve but only but it is necessary to allow to cut off the tree as and when it becomes mature. The nation can be more prosperous by making it more productive & usageable through machineries. We ought to adopt Licence Free New Technology to achieve the said target.

In Hariyana, POPLAR trees were grown and the farmers have got an income of the same by the permission of tree felling. As a result of which, more & more trees have been grown that brought large wood-based industries. We wish to balance environment. How it could be maintained if there will be no income through tree growing? Why the Forest Department of Gujarat does not express readiness for growing of POPLAR trees? Science & Bio-Technology have been advanced today through which particular plant can be grown. The same can be cultivated in Gujarat and become self-reliant so far the requirement of timber is concerned.

Friends, let’s make our nation self-reliant at timber segment. It is necessary of public awareness through contemplation. And the amendments in laws & loyalty are also necessary for the same. We will altogether have to work hard and start up for our target. Trend Analysis & Research Unit welcomes you to participate in the programme of TARU. ‘Green Gujarat Clean Gujarat’

A wonderful thing has come to notice for the first time after the history of independence. All most matters have been included from the bottom to top as like employment, wood requirement, industrial demand, preservation and protection of environment, protection of forest animal, legal infrastructure and analysis of its effect, efficiency of administrative department. There is no doubt that Forest Policy inclusion of most of the related matters will be constituted planning-wise under the Chairmanship of yours, which will be a big achievement. ‘TARU’ is grateful for Public Notice & thoughts narrated therein.

Term of References:

1. Review and assess existing policy and legal framework and their impact in a holistic manure from the ecological, economic, social end cultural view point.

The word ‘Ecological’ is a very extensive and vast in its meaning, in which every matter is included. I don’t see any system which is suitable to economic, social and cultural vision in comparison to current system. If it exists then there is no any effectiveness of the same. So far legal infrastructure of India is concerned; it always remained without contemplation, wherein the other side of the same is overlooked. Only unilateral provisions are being made or the law is being constituted taking into consideration of only one party. India’s infrastructure of most of the fields has been dispersed due to partial laws like Labour Law, Rental Law, Women Rights , Land Ceiling Act and the Laws pertaining to the house belongs to the person who lives in it, the land belongs to the person who ploughs it and the tree protection.


There is a jungle of ‘GIR’ in this region and hence to protect the same, Saurashtra Tree Felling Act has been constituted. But, the tree farming had been neglected due to strict execution of the said Act. Nobody is ready to grow or nurture the tree because the tree cannot be felled. Therefore, there are less numbers of trees in Saurashtra. On the other hand, Forest Department in Kheda–Anand Districts was remained just for its existence as there were no jungles in these areas. The Law was in-force but it didn’t execute. The farmers got opportunities of tree farming, who turned towards tree farming in view of daily income of Rs. Four Crores. The supplies of would have been maintained inspite of large demand due to 2000 Sow Mills existing in 70 km radius (Nowhere in India) because wrongful prohibitions were not executed. Everywhere, there is greenery. There are dense trees despite there is no jungle. There is no any single tree of “MAHUDA’ existing in this area due to strict execution of prohibition of felling of the said tree. I will discuss about the social and economic infrastructure as well as by which system tree farming is being done. Though the said matters with statistics of all the fields have already been intimated in earlier articles. The law that encourages tree growing is necessary. It should be noted that the farmers are being diversified due to recent laws.

2. Examine the current status of forest administration and the forestry institutions both at all India and state level to meet the emerging needs of the civil society.

The usage of wood and its products cannot be ignored not only by cultured society but also government offices, latest buildings, corporate offices, private offices. Many alternatives have been researched up till now but no alternative can take place of wood and its product; though the same is also not proper. Wood is the only alternative for poor people and tribal except cultured society. So, it is to accept as the universal truth that wood is a necessity of life.

The Status of Forest Administrative Department:

An arrangement of separate legal infrastructure with the same administrative similarity can be made State wise. There are nominal forest areas in Gujarat State. So, it should be stressed upon as to how to grow farming base forest products. The governmental uncultivated land should be allotted to the private sectors for forest development. It is essential to create public partnership because only government department cannot be succeeded.


Who cares for the nation? Who cares for the future national development? Who is there to examine? Who is there to look after over the preservation of jungles? Why should I as it is least concern with me? Why one may think over these issues? At first, patriotism and loyalty will have to develop. Gujarat State can grow trees worth Rs.900 crores p.a. through Road Margin Project. I have already submitted this Project before the Government that ruled by Mr. Chimanbhai Patel, Late Ex. Chief Minister of Gujarat State, for which I will inform you at an appropriate time.

3. Make recommendations indicating specific policy options for achieving sustainable forest and wildlife management and ecological security.

4. Suggest ways and means to make forest administration more effective with a view to help to achieve the above policy options.

A. Make competitive forest development by privatisation of the forests. (The said system is already prevails in foreign countries)

B. Constitute law that encourages, reduces prohibitions

C. Make Policy through which government employee may earn income by dense forest

D. Create healthy competition with private sector by keeping some areas reserved with the Government

E. Future Policy can be made taking into consideration of development of both

F. Achieve the targets by joining together 33% people out of the Indian population

G. Reduce the member of employees from other government department, start forest development by allocating uncultivated governmental land so that work-load of other offices may lessen

H. The development can only be achieved if there is meaningful partnership of such employees in the income of forest development

I. It’s also considered a crime if the governmental uncultivated land remains non-use. So, such areas should be allocated step-wise and speedily.

J. There are useless shouting in the name of environment, so change such negative mentality and develop factual position

K. Strengthen the principles of Grow, Nurture & Cut Off.

5. Establish Meaningful partnership and interface between forestry management and local communities including tribal.

It is hard to say something about it. Hopeless activities are being carried out that related to tribal people. The Government, leaders and organizations just exist to avail the benefit in their names only. They cannot progress due to their backwardness. And financial help, which was meant for their progress, will be spent out. But the result will only be achieved, if the same may combine with some able motive like jungle development. Thus, the tribal, local group of people and forest administration will automatically develop. The wrongful laws prohibitions always create adverse situations.

What is Law & System?

1. During the time of Shri Uchharangbhai Dhebar, Saurastra Tree Felling Act (1951) has been constituted in view of less number of trees in Saurastra and Kutchh.

2. In the year 1960, the said Law has been executed as it is in all Districts of Gujarat State.

3. The responsibility has been allocated to obtain permission from authorised officer of respective Taluka to cut off tree bearing Ownership agro land

4. Restrictions imposed on the goods that prepared through Private tree farming by the farmers.

5. Saurastra Felling Act is no in force in other States or there is no such Act prevailed.

6. The complete restriction has been imposed in respect of felling of trees of MAHUDA, TEAK, SHISHAM, KHER & CHANDAN.

7. The different kinds of interpretation are being done by the separate departments, who are engaged in execution of the said law.

8. In prevailing circumstances forest decrease instead of Indian forest law of 1927 & Bombay Forest Rules of 1942.

9. Any system or law should be of that type through which development of national could be possible. Especially, the original mentality, belief and its depth of makers of the same should be taken into consideration; so that origin précis may not harm. The creation of trust as a whole is also necessary.

An occurrence of damages due to this Law & System:

  1. The hurdles are occurring in national demand of wood in addition to environment and the efforts to decrease impact on jungles of Social Forestry Wing of Forest Department due to this law. Since the rich farmers have been diversified from tree farming, precious foreign exchange is being wasted out due to import of wood from foreign countries.
  2. There are literally farming of tree in some of the parts of other districts like Anand-Kheda, Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Gandhinagar and Sabarkantha. So, this Law creates barriers.
  3. The farmers have to visit Taluka level office frequently to obtain permission. The same procedure becomes very difficult and expensive. The farmers are compelled to cut off their own trees and sale them out due to delay in obtaining permission and complicated problems. So, the legal goods convert into illegal goods.
  4. No one is going to grow or nurture the tree of MAHUDA in those areas where there are more tree farming; due to prohibition on the same. Today, such trees are going to uproot.
  5. Wherever there is governmental interference, there are different kinds of interpretation of Laws. On account of its execution, the small and illiterate farmers are refrained from tree farming due to hardships and harassment they suffer.
  6. When the tree farming in Gujarat has rapidly prosperous due to water of Narmada and other rivers, at the same time it is necessary to ensure that the interest of the farmers may not be affected with wrong interpretation by the executors of such obstacle-some and unnecessary Laws.
  7. The Laws are constituted in India to prevent any nuisance or mismanagement. There is no any such system has been developed so that such issues may not rise. As a result of which the development is suffered. After constituted of such Laws or Principles, almost there is no any research or analysis is being done for its long term effects.

Expectation & Benefits of Amendments :

  1. There is huge long term farming of other trees like NILGIRI, SUBAVAL etc in Ownership agro land. So, the necessity of this Law is not required.
  2. When there is noteworthy enhancement in the greenery of the State simultaneously environment firmness, economy and national self-reliance due to efforts carried out by Social Forestry Wing; then there should not be any restrictions on the transportation of wood of tree farming.
  3. Any crop of tree that produced in Ownership Survey No. can carry away at any place for market. The tree farming could be prosperous by reducing unnecessary prohibitions so that the place of Gujarat in the map of India could be distinguished in view of environment, self-reliance, economy and employment.
  4. On account of tree farming, industrial opportunities are created simultaneously with very valuable employment. So, it is more necessary to make amendments in obstacle-some Laws to encourage the farmers for long term tree farming.
  5. The Committee appointed in 1992-93 by the Government has also recommended to give the relaxations to the farmers for tree farming.
  6. It is most essential to liberalise the rules and regulations to achieve an origin objective of environment and to cope up with social requirement of wood.
  7. In India, after adoption of Multinational Principle in Trade Sector, the development opportunities have become more possible, free competition has been increased, customers have received fine and qualitative object. As per this Principle, the competition will be raised if wood industries may become free. In these situations, there will be increase in tree farming in view of more benefits available to the farmers simultaneously with decrease impact on forest. Thus, the objectives of protection of jungles will be achieved in addition to environment and employment. It is necessary an execution of this thought.
  8. It is essential to make amendment from time to time if the contemplation and administrative infrastructure of respective period is not suitable with the current time.