I intimate you with utmost respect that greenery is being enhanced in the State due to intensive efforts put by the Forest Department and Social Forestry Department of Gujarat State, which is also admitted by many authorised organisations. The very Herculean work is being carried out by the Government after the history of independence; the said fact is up to my knowledge.

Another matter is going to convert into fact simultaneously with this work. The farmers, especially small farmers of Kheda, Anand, Mehsana, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad District have been inspired for cultivation of tree, through which they earn income and simultaneously a Green Revolution is being created by cultivating and nourishment of tree. And the credit for such fabulous result goes to the Forest Department and Social Forestry Department of the State because of proper disturbance of plants and other arrangements have generated alertness among the farmers for tree farming. Moreover, the land of these areas is fertile for tree farming and hence the tree becomes mature within five years to seven years, which provide supplementary income to the farmers. In addition to this, the farmers have big market, wherein they can sell their products at profitable rate very easily due to more saw mills existing in nearby areas. The farmers are inspired for tree farming in farm-borders, channels & partitions simultaneously with regular crops as they earn large supplementary income without expanding any additional amount for the same.

Sir, We would like to draw your kind attention that it is most necessary to make appropriate policy which encourages tree-base farming. The farmers are facing more difficulties due to current tree-base laws and they have to move from District level to Mamlatdar’s Office at Taluka level for permission. The farmers will also get rid off these difficulties. The farmers, especially the small farmers, who used to tree farming, are facing many difficulties since they are illiterate. If there would be proper contemplation over the laws related to tree production and its farming, so there will be certain possibility for rich farmers, who may also inspire for tree farming. As a result of which large opportunities may be created simultaneously with greenery and environment. I think that you are well aware of the said facts. I’m confident that the economy power of the State will sure increase simultaneously with greenery.

In anticipation of meeting with you, if need be, with full-fledge details and figure. I request you to give us a chance at an appropriate time. Please also arrange to send a copy of your opinion to the concerned departments and celebrities.

“Stop destruction of jungle & bring Tree Farming”

“From Tree Farming to the Step of Prosperity”

The management without contemplation never exists so more, whether it is political, legal or social. The contemplation is essential for all appropriate system of social or national. It is essential to combine three principles with any management that rose out of contemplation. Hence, the study of contemplation is necessary. Only the very person can understand the said matter that is having pure loyalty for nation’s development & management. There is no any role of contemplation in the appropriate system of India. The nation will remain backward if the contemplation may not in any field of development. Hence, I’m to utter that the development of India is more by nature rather than administratively. Therefore, there is no speed in development. Our country would have been advanced in comparison of Israel, America, Japan, Germany, if the development had achieved through administratively.

The study is not being undertaken on the main three factors to maintain the development of contemplation. It is a total negligence of nationality by not doing so. Therefore, it is necessary…

  1. To create national pride through contemplation.
  2. To create positive mentality
  3. To create efficient appropriate system cum matured management & meaningful execution of law it is essential to develop positive mentality for efficient appropriate management & obey of laws.

On the other hand, the infrastructure of administration & legal is within the powers of IS and IAS Officers. Due to their vast powers, there are more damages being occurred to the nation rather than benefit. Let me explain you the word ‘damages’ in detail that whatever the powers & duties are given to these officers on the base of practical knowledge, who can utilize their power for the favour & development of the nation; though there is a small class of such officers. So, such loyal officer should be created through origin generation of national-feeling & shaping of life OR their working method should be scrutinized in respect of how much responsible works are going on for the development of nation, managerial system & laws with proper criterion. It should not be allowed at all, if such officers disturb entire managerial system only for their worthless self-interest. Such officers, who have made law & managerial system, will make such kind of law system by keeping themselves as safe. Who will analyze about the damages being occurred to the nation or people?

If I would talk about only one system, so that is Agro Tree Farming Concept through which national demand for wood can be fulfilled. Such type of system was made up by such officers but there is none who can cross-examine or analyze the same due to lack of loyalty towards nation & escape-mentality. Because of which, we are making greater loss to our nation, wasting crore of rupees of foreign exchange and cannot develop our door-step glorious prosperity at its best, through which there is the certainty of creation of Environment, Greenery, Employment & Economy. Who will create awakening for the same? And if there may be some one who get ready to do so, his thoughts of development will be suffocated by killing him with well-planning. This is solely my experience. I’ve worked in this field for so many years; hence I can say it with confidence. Some IAS officers have made intensive benefits & development for the nation. But, what’s to think over the situation where activity is being carried out by certain people or group, who activate in confusing the management, development & laws?

An image of entire area of Rajasthan has been changed by Shri Rajendrasinh, who runs NGO in the state. Whether IAS officers were not remained in this area before said changes had taken place? Whether it was not the responsibility of concerned officer for the development? Whether the Government had not done so? The reason for the same is very simple & comprehensible. Therefore, the study of contemplation ought to be undertaken. What would be situation of other departments when such corrupt system is prevailing in Forest Department? How much jungle that we could save inspite of making laws & intensive managerial system on the base of Conservative Act? The Corruption is increasing due to excessive prohibitions on wood-based industries. In addition of Agro Tree Farming Concept, the three “E” – Environment, Economy & Employment, a revolutionary system of self-reliance at wood segment is being undeveloped. Who is responsible for the same? ‘TARU” urges all of you that let all the genius, thoughtful people come forward & create appropriate standard of our nation’s development.