Imbalance of Global Warning & Environment is a result of increasing carbon in atmosphere is dangerous for present human life method & industrialisation.

TARU surely believes that "Trees, themselves are Refineries". And only trees are the solution. So let us comprehend the objective of Four ‘E’.

  1. We need greenery & environment [Environment]
  2. We need national economic benefit. [Economy]
  3. We need employment for our people. [Employment]
  4. We need to maintain the national demands [Ecology]

These four needs may define as “Ecological Preservation System” [EPS]. So, excessive usage of Plastic, Steel Cement, Chemical, useless craze for Invention of alternative of wood, are spoiling the atmosphere. So it can be solved as under:

First – Complete compromise for environmental activists will create.

Second – Since wood is a natural productive source. It will strengthen national economy at a very low expense.

Three – An employment will create for the literate and illiterate people Of India.

Four – Nation’s large demand of wood will maintain, and it will become self-reliant. So time has come up for Government, Architects, Engineers & People to consumes more wood.

The creation & destruction is the universal rule but if the same may combine with proper angle of vision, then the society may become prosperous, nation may develop. The misunderstandings in respect of environment are prevailed in our country. The wrongful interpretations are taking place due to lack of proper angle of vision and contemplation. The entire process that is without contemplation power suffocates the development. An environment and the crop through it as well as development are linked with the Forest Department. An Indian Administrative System has been imposed by the English people. The Laws were constituted during the respective time and situations; thereafter the amendments in favour of public are being made by the experts through the contemplation. Eventhough, it could not make the complete public-oriented system. It should be evaluated of both the sides of any field with proper angle of vision and wisdom. Today, the wood industry is being evaluated with improper angle of vision only as a harmful factor to environment. It is also necessary to observe the other side of the same i.e. national economy development through this industry, self-reliance, economy source for the farmers, environment and greenery.

The minerals like stone, iron, coal, oil etc. will be perhaps exhausted in the country but the wood through tree farming will never be exhausted if there will be flexibility in Laws and the trust as well as awareness may create among the farmers. Today, the Laws are not encouraging tree farming because he can not cut off the tree that he has cultivated it in his own farm. He is to move here and there to obtain the permission to cut off the tree. How the tree farming could be encouraged when one has no right to cut off the tree that he has grown in his own farm’s channel and border.

Some Districts of Gujarat State are unintentionally moving towards creative direction without clear attitude. So, it is necessary to support these Districts. If one can stand on the road like Anand-Kheda District or into the interior part of the District, They are so many tree that you can’t see beyond 100 to 200 meters one can view the density of tree cover in the region. Regular surveys are done by “TARU”. The wood-based industries have been developed in this region and the protective simultaneously. A Green Revolution could be visualised simultaneously with White Revolution. It will not take much more time for genius civilians to understand the entire process by open attitude and educating positive angle of vision.

It is necessary to make our country self-reliant at timber sector as like it has become self-reliant in food-sector. The Gujarat State imports wood worth Rs.1600 crores from foreign countries, hence foreign exchange of crores of rupees are being expended. If the farmers may encouraged for tree farming through modernised system, the crores of rupees of foreign exchange could be saved. And if we can able to make wood as export-oriented then we can earn crores of rupees as foreign exchange. As a result of which, the farmers and nation could be prosperous simultaneously with the preservation of environment. The more business of wood will be encouraged tree farming. A tree provides thousands of tons of oxygen to the atmosphere for a long term of at least seven to seventeen years before it becomes timber. The value of the same is priceless in view of preservation of environment. We would have heard about Carbon Credit through the source of other industries. But the wood-based industries, which convert a tree into industrial timber, can earn that much of Carbon Credit that one cannot imagine.

We desire to dialogues about all factors that connected with forest system. Let us have exchange of new technical works and system through the Contemplation Seminar to enhance the transparency under the guidance of ‘TARU” through the media of Gujarat Timber Merchants Federation. In connection with the above, let us modestly endeavor to create contemplative mentality by dialogues that cover up issues like national economy development, employment opportunities and State may become self-reliant. The objectives of Green Revolution in the State and preservation of environment will only be achieved if the said endeavors should be made altogether with respective area’s Forest Officer, M.P., Collector, Environment Activists, Genius People, Journalists, MAMLATDAR, VEPARI MAHAJAN and Farmers. It’s our humble request you to come in the Contemplation Seminar and send us your contemplative thoughts in this regard.